Saturday, April 24, 2010

Les Mystères du Nautilus HD Video and Panoramic Pictures

Here is a high-definition video of Discoveryland's "Les Mystères du Nautilus" attraction as well as panoramic pictures showing the submarine in the Discoveryland lagoon. Please click on the panoramics to see them in big size. This video was filmed in April 2010 and the giant squid show is now a shorter version from the original 1994 show.

The lighting inside the Nautilus is pretty dark but, after i've filmed a first time all the Nautilus inside decor, i was fortunate to have a better lighting as they were closing the attraction and they always put more light to check that no guests stay inside the submarine before they close the doors.

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Video: copyright Alain Littaye. All my thanks to who kindly provided some shots for this video.